Most Expensive Home For Sale in U.S.

According to Forbes, the second most expensive home in the US is located in Dallas Texas and has a price
tag of $135 million. How much would it take then to rank as the most expensive home in the US? The answer is an asking price of $190 million. This impressive home goes by the name, Copper Beech Farm, and is located in the prestigious Greenwich Connecticut. This town is no stranger to million dollar homes, but this one takes the cake. However, the asking price comes with good reason. This house sits on an impressive 50 acres with the house itself claiming 13,519 square feet. If you're looking for a place to bring the entire family or a
place to entertain all your friends, this mansion is for you. The inside is filled with a remarkable twelve bedrooms, seven baths, and two half baths. If you enjoy sunbathing and refreshing afternoon dip then you'll love the two heptagonal pools that connect to give the homeowner a luxurious seventy five feet of swimming space. Once you’re tired of swimming you can relax in the spa or pool house. If islands are more your thing then feel free to take full advantage of the two offshore islands that are a quick boat ride away. Also located on the 50 acres is your very own apple orchard as well as vibrant formal gardens. A quick walk across the garden and you'll reach the tennis court. Also located on the property are a carriage
house, clock tower, and practical six car garage. Take a step inside this mansion and you'll be greeted by a three story wood paneled foyer. For added luxury this mansion comes with its own wine cellar and wood paneled library. The interior design is described as French Renaissance, fitting for its 1896 birthdate.  As if the sheer grandeur of this house wasn't enough it is located a mere 45 minutes from New York City, making day trips into the city a breeze. The front yard of this mansion consists of formal gardens and an apple orchard, the back yard boasts a 75 foot swimming pool, private
beach, ocean view, and easily accessible islands. No matter which way you look at it, this property has it all. To request more information or see the full listing of this extraordinary mansion, visit

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