Want to sell your home FAST? Then you need to read this article today.

Ask any realtor and they'll tell you - a house that sells within the first five weeks of their listing are most likely to get their asking price. The longer your house lingers on the market, the more pressure you will feel to knock down the price!

Many people face changing employment or life circumstances which ultimately leave no alternative other than to attempt to sell immediately. Others see opportunity in buying perhaps a larger home at current "under market" prices, yet don't want to accept a similar discount for their existing home.

Homesellers today must be prepared to go well beyond the "gimmicks" to draw potential buyers in the front door and ultimately close the sale. You can "feng shui" the living room, bury a statue of Saint Joseph on the property, pass out out fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies at the open house. 

But if you really want to sell the place, we are giving away 100 complimentary copies of our book "33 tips to selling your house fast!".  

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