Gov’t Looks to Increase FHA Down Payment to 5%

Here’s how to get involved:
1. The forms are available on the website. :
2. For this round of input,no later than5/27/11 Go to
3. Read ALL the information first – it describes the process and the concept.
4. At the bottom of the page is a How Can I Get Involved Right Nowsection with a link
5. Click on the “review our draft disclosure designs and give us your input” link.
6. Here you are given the opportunity to comment on the version of the form you selected. You may also click on the alternative version after you finish commenting on one.
7. The forms allow you to hover over any area on which you want to comment. Click on the form and a comment box drops down. You are allowed four comments. The process solicits comments about “areas you found helpful” However, the comment drop downs are free form. You have the flexibility to offer single or multiple comments, positive or negative. If you find the request for four positive comments adequate for your feedback, then you are done.
8. On the other hand, if you want to add other thoughts, the Bureau invites you to email them
The navigation is pretty easy to figure out. You are allowed to review and comment on both forms. Based on what we heard at the meeting, we expect the user experience to improve as the Bureau begins to receive feedback.